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CAAIP Ancol Marunda Point

Corps Alumni Akademi Ilmu Pelayaran

CAAIP Ancol Marunda: Sejarah AIP PLAP STIP

Loker Pelaut Indonesia

Loker Pelaut Indonesia


History Of STIP Jakarta

1953 :
Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Pelayaran (Maritime Higher Education Institute) is a state owned maritime institution administered under Indonesian Ministry of Transportation. It was founded in 1953, in the name of Akademi Ilmu Pelayaran (Merchant Marine Academy) running a 3 - 4 year program of Diploma III (equal to Bachelor Degree) majoring in Nautical and Technical Departments with Class III Certificate of Competence.
1957 :
Akademi Ilmu Pelayaran (AIP) was officially inaugurated by Mr. Soekarno - the first President of the Republic of Indonesia - on 27 February 1957, and meanwhile became the first maritime academy in Indonesia. The campus was located at Jalan Gunung Sahari Raya, Mangga Dua Ancol, Jakarta
1962 :
In 1962 Akademi Ilmu Pelayaran (AIP) established a co-operation with the UnitedStates Marine Academy at Kings Point for a special class program. Since then AIP had became a reputable maritime eduaction centre in Indonesia.

1964 :
In 1964 Akademi Ilmu Pelayaran Niaga (Shipping Management Academy) and Akademi Telekomunikasi (Telecommunication Academy) were integrated into Akademi Ilmu Pelayaran which was entitled a license to conduct four major studies : Nautical Studies, Marine Engineering, Port & Shipping Management and Electronics & Telecommunication.
1974 - 1984 :
In1974 - 1984 Akademi Ilmu Pelayaran conducted a student-exchange program with the Goverments of Tanzania, Malaysia, and Bangladesh, and sucessfully attracted overseas students from these countries to become its cadets.

1978 :
In 1978 the name of Akademi Ilmu Pelayaran was changed into Pendidikan dan Latihan Ahli Pelayaran (PLAP) /(Maritime Educationand Training Institute).

In 1983 Pendidikan dan Latihan Ahli Pelayaran (PLAP) was academically given a license to conduct the programs of Strata A, B, and C majoring in Nautical studies, Marine Engineering, Marine Telecommunication, Port & Shipping Management. Strata A was a three-year program equal to bachelor degree., Strata B offered a year program with a two-year sea service at a completion of Strata A and having a second-class officer certificate, and Strata C offered a first-class officer certificate.
1995 :
In 1995 Pendidikan dan Latihan Ahli Pelayaran (PLAP) was given a license to conduct Diploma IV Programs offering three major studies in Nautical Studies, Marine Engineering and Port & Shipping Management which is equivalent to Bachelor in maritime science.

1997 :
Since 1997 the Institute had been given a license to conduct STCW short course in Familiarization Training, Basic Safety Training, Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boat, Advanced Fire Fighting, Tanker Familiarization, Oil Tanker Program Training, Liquefied Gas Tanker Program Training, Chemical Tanker Program Training, Medical First Aid Training, Medical Care Training and Radar/ARPA Training.
2000 :
In March 2000 the name of Pendidikan dan Latihan Ahli Pelayaran was changed into Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Pelayaran (Maritime Higher Education Institute), and finally since April 2002 STIP officially moved to the new campus at Marunda, North of Jakarta.

2002 :
April 2002, STIP was moved to the new campus in marunda, North Jakarta.

October 2003, STIP started implementing Quality Management System standard ISO 9001:2000, Edition 4 (four), the previous edition was of implementing ISO 9002:1994. And on March 16, 2004 STIP was recognized by the Board of Certification Lloyds Register Quality Assurance (LRQA).
September 30, 2009 STIP was defined as a government agency, to implement the Financial Management Form of Public Service Agency (PK-BLU) and made changes in accordance with the Decree of Minister of Transports No : KM 68 Year 2009 on the Organization and Work Procedure of STIP.
Due ti the change in the standard of  Quality Management System ISO 9001:2000 to ISO 9001:2008, STIP began to implement a Quality Management System  standard ISO 9001:2008 in February 2010 with edition 5 (five). Besides implementing ISO 9001:2008, STIP also applied the Quality Standard System (QSS) and was approved by the Directorate General of Sea Transportation.
The history of leadership STIP from time to time are as follow :
1. Kalangie2. Capt. M. Wibowo3. Capt. R. Soebakti4. Capt. Bintang Siregar
5. Capt. Harun Rasidi6. Capt. Mispantoro7. Soegiarto8. Capt. Istopo
9. Capt. L. Moniaga10. Capt. Budi Sunarjo11. Capt. Rozaimi Jatim12. Laksma. Soetoro
13. Kol. Ahmad Birlin14.Capt.Drs.Parlindungan Siahaan, MM15. Rusman Hoesien, MSc16. Capt. Yan Risuandi, Msc
17. Capt. Zulfarmi Syawal, SH, MM18. Capt. Rudiana, MM
19.Capt.Arifin  Sunardjo,MBA.,M.Hum
Pranyoto, S.Pi.,

21. Capt. Weku Frederik Karuntu. MM.

22. Capt. Sahattua P. Simatupang, MM., MH.
(The Principle)
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