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Ananta Gultom
July 17, 2011
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From: Ramlan Ramli
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Subject: [caaipgroup] Dear All,
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  Dear All .( just want to share )
We are all seniors and graduates from AIP , PLAP or STIP and have become very good professional in running ships at sea or offshore or running and owning various marine companies or become lecturers or instructors but none or few ever own , operate run marine college. Ladies and gentleman I know it is not and never easy to run marine college,

I , capt. Dr. Ramlan Ramli Angkatan 16 now own and manage a marine college inKemaman , Malaysia With over 3000 students . Can check out at www.reti.edu.my and now coordinating with STIE TRIDARMA Bandung , SMK RANACO in subang and Tanjung Pinang ( will comply to manila amendement ).
What I am tryingto say is I want to provide avenues for the young generation inpursuing their career in themarine world and the best way of sharing and distributing my knowledge  coz as a mariner only I and not any academician will tell me otherwise of how to educate our young ones.