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Ananta Gultom
June 18, 2011
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[...]Dear all,

FYI, Petronas of Malaysia has a big presence in Indonesia, especially its exploration & production arm - Petronas Carigali (PC). PC is active and has 12 PTs in Indonesia. One of which is PT PC Muria, working offshore Semarang and headed by Awang Bakar (AIP-19). However, Awg Bakar is now back in Malaysia doing another offshore project at Sarawak and he is based at KLCC.

PC is now headed by Abdul Rahim Hanifiyah, who is an alumni of ITB and is close to Malaysian AIP alumnis, especially aip-15 & aip-16.

I had the opportunity to look into the planned exploration & operations of Cepu field at Bojonegoro Jatim. This single field will have an output capacity of >300Kbpd (about 0.5 of total malaysian daily output), but I do not see the presence of any AIP/PLAP/STIP alumnis in any of the activity there. This field will be developed by PT Exxon-Mobil Cepu (with interests of 45% Exxon-Mobil, 45%-Pertamina & 10%-BUMN from Pemda Bojonegoro) for the next 30 years. The crude will be piped to Tuban & shipped out to an FSO (tied to an SBM) about 25 nautical miles offshore Tuban. I am sure Capt Fadjar of Pelindo III Tg Perak Surabaya, who provided me support during my survey, can assist those who are interested to develop any business potentials at Bojonegoro.

So, in conclusion, the oil & gas field is a very very lucrative field world wide.

Harudin - aip19
News taken from CAAIP Group Mailist : Rudi Milton

p/s Capt Samsudin Ngah Dikon (aip-16) is a Mooring Master with Qatar Petroleum. He is at Doha with his wife 'Upik', who is from Jakarta.[...] 
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